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Terms and Conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions by taking this booking you agree to the conditions.

1.    Caravans must be of sound construction and kept clean, tidy at all times.
2.    Your caravan must be in a fully serviceable condition e.g. the brakes and hand brake must work, the legs and jockey wheel must be well greased and in full working order also if we tow it for you the electrics must be working. Wheels must not be removed from seasonal caravans.
3.    You must leave a set of door keys and keys to any security devices such as wheel clamps & hitch locks with site owners, and if you wish to put on your alarm you must inform site owners and provide instructions and devices to deactivate.
4.    If you sell / change your caravan whilst on a seasonal pitch, you must inform site owners of the new make & model (before purchase), as there are certain makes & models of caravan not accepted on the site,(caravans must be uk specifiction ,we do not accept fifth wheels or slide out caravans ) if you purchase an unacceptable make it will not be allowed on the site & seasonal pitch agreement can / will be terminated.
5.    Site owners accept no responsibility for any theft or damage to any of your property whilst in storage or on the site.
6.    Sub-letting is not permitted.
7.    Site fees are to be paid on time, failure to do so will incur a late payment charge of £50.00 per month and the immediate removal of any discount issued on your booking. Continual late payment may result in the site owners selling the caravan to recover debts and any monies left over will be paid to you. In the event of a caravan sale less than debt you owe, you will be liable to the pay the rest and any legal fees if necessary.
8.    The owners reserve the right to terminate seasonal pitch or storage agreement at any point.
9.   If you decide to leave the site or sell your caravan there is no refund on your payment.
10.   Seasonal pitches or storage places are not transferable if you sell your caravan.
11.   Any deposits paid for seasonal pitches or storage places are not refundable if you cancel the storage or seasonal pitch.
12.   It is your responsibility to maintain and keep tidy the areas immediately around your caravan and property (you maintain approx 3 ft around any of your belongings).
13.   Any complaints are to be directed to the site owners not members of staff.
14.   Any conflict or disagreements between seasonal customers are to be either dealt with quietly between yourselves or through site owners.
15.   We expect you to respect the facilities provided & leave them in a tidy condition, if caught damaging, defacing property or generally leaving facilities in an unacceptable state by person or persons from your caravan this could lead to costs for replacement or damages and eviction from site. Strictly No smoking in facilities block.
16.   Strictly No food preparation in or outside of facilities block .i.e. preparing of fish etc.
17.   Children although we do want your children to enjoy themselves, we do expect you to keep control of them, strictly No playing in or around toilet block or wandering out of campsite into the farm or on to anyone else’s pitch or property. You are liable for any damage caused by your child to someone else’s property. No playing on the roads, No playing in areas that will offend or cause upset to fellow campers. Never leave children unattended on the site.
18.    The speed limit around site is 5 mph, please keep to this speed or below at all times.
19.    Rubbish disposal, this facility is intended for house hold rubbish only such as food packaging etc NO carpets, awnings, grass cuttings, wind breaks or any other large items (for rubbish tip directions ask at reception) & no large hauls of fish from fisherman.
20.    The site welcomes friendly quiet dogs they are to be kept on a lead at all times whilst on site, never to be left unattended in caravan, awnings or vehicles etc, and it is your responsibility to clear up after your own dog. Strictly no pets allowed in facilities block. Dogs must not be exercised on the camping field.
21.    No commercial vehicles, holiday makers only.  (using caravan as a base for your commute to your place of work or moving in it for the summer, (by doing so will result in termination of seasonal pitch agreement)
22.    You may use your caravan up to a maximum of 100 days per summer season & 60 days per winter season, but only up to 20 days consecutively no return within 7 days. (Moving into your caravan is not permitted).
23.    Awnings may be left up during the summer season (only if the extra cost has been paid for); however, they need to be taken down mid September to prevent damage from the weather etc. In the winter season, awnings can only be left up while you are on site and then must be taken down each time you leave. If we have to deal with damaged or broken awnings at any time of year we charge £35.00 per hour. Do not leave valuables, tools, alcohol etc in awnings.
24.    The electric is on a temporary supply and may be switched off at any point (for maintance, mowing etc) therefore we recommend you do not leave freezers or fridges with food products in them. For summer electrics: if you pay the extra cost, you can leave your electrics on for the whole summer season. For winter electrics: the electrics can be plugged in while you are staying on site, but must be unplugged when you leave after each stay. 
25.    Wind breaks must be taken down at the end of each stay.
26.    Please keep grass areas cleared of all belongings at the end of each stay.
27.    We recommend that all valuable items such as electrical items, fishing equipment & alcohol are removed from caravan & awning in between stays and blinds are left open.
28.    No “For sale” signs may be put in caravan windows.
29.    We do not give out keys at reception to visitors or service engineers for your caravan unless instructed and given permission to do so.
30.   We do not permit the use of sheds or plastic storage boxes.
31.    We do not tollerate offensive language
32.    Noise levels will be quiet before 10.00pm, there will be absolutely no noise permitted after 12.00am until 6:00am 
33.    No caravan covers.
34.   Only paying guests to be on site.
35.   Terms of Use of WiFi. By accessing the wireless network, you acknowledge that you are of legal age, you have read and understood and agree to be bound by this agreement. The wireless network service is provided by the property owners and is completely at their discretion. Your access to the network may be blocked, suspended, or terminated at any time for any reason. You agree not to use the wireless network for any purpose that is unlawful and take full responsibility of your acts. The wireless network is provided "as is" without warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied.
36.   In the event of compulsory site closure there will be no credits in the first 21 days. During the summer season there will be a credit of £6.00 per day until we reopen. During the winter season there will be a credit of £1.00 per day until we reopen. NO refunds will be given.

37. The site uses cctv and is registered with the   Information Commissioner's Office

38. The use of cctv/video equipment by customers is not permited on site this includes video doorbells

We reserve the right to charge or alter these conditions without prior notice. By taking a Seasonal pitch you have agreed to all terms and conditions listed above.


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