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What is The Old Mill?

We are open 24 hours a day / 7 days a week!

The Old mill - Situated at the site entrance near reception - is home to our Milk,  Fridge and Coffee Vending machines.


Currently, we have 0.5 litre/ 1 litre  glass milk bottles which you can purchase from our fridge vender (Right hand side of photo above) . These offer a 'lifetime' use and so you can bring them back however many times you return. 

- If you already have your own bottle, for example, from a milk vending machine you have visited elsewhere, you are more than welcome to bring that along in place. 

Once you have got your bottle you are ready to use the milk vender (left hand side of photo above). From here, you have a variety of options: with either size bottle (half litre or full litre) you can either get fresh, organic whole milk or choose from one of our milkshake flavours!

Our machine does 4 milkshake flavours at any one time and as standard we always offer chocolate, strawberry and banana. Our 4th flavour is the special and this changes regularly! This can be anything from black cherry/strawberries & cream to white chocolate and cappuccino.

The coffee machine offers a wide range of different types of coffee as well as hot chocolate/ chocolate milk. 

- Full Step by Step Instructions on how to use all machines are detailed on blackboards adjacent to the machines. 

If whilst visiting you have any questions or queries there are people around to help:

-  The campsite Reception is opposite which is usually manned from 9am to 5pm everyday.

If you cannot locate someone our contact number is 01305 871297 and any non- urgent enquiries can be emailed to 


Milkshake syrups 

Our milkshake flavours are added through Syrups which we purchase from JB syrups.

All nutritional information for each syrup flavour can be found on their website - Here's how:

1. Click the 'Check them out Here!' button above to go to their website homepage.

2. From there either click Shop (top left corner) and scroll to find desired flavour or use the search bar (top right) to type in the syrup name.

3. Once you have found the syrup flavour click on it and more information about the product will come up. 

4. Under the picture it will say 'nutritional info'. If it is not already selected, click that and the PDF link will drop down below.

5. Click that link and the information page will open up for you to have a read. 


During the daytime (9am- 5pm) a print out version of the nutritional information can be collected from reception just opposite The Old Mill. 

All you need to do is pop over to the window, ask for the nutritional information of the particular flavour you want and they will get one copied for you . 

Easy as That! :) 


As well as our milk/ milkshakes, we are now selling some products in our fridge vending machine!

What we've got:

 Eggs (half dozen) - Supplied by Tim Gelfs of Westleaze farm

Barber's Farmhouse Mature Cheddar



Lichfields Chocolate Brownie bar

Lichfields Rocky Road bar 

Lichfields Millionaire Shortbread bar

Coca Cola / Diet 

Ice Valley Bottle water 

 That's all for now but, make sure to check back regularly as every so often we will be switching things up and you don't want to miss out!

Our supplier

Liberty Dairy 

Liberty Dairy is based at Liberty farm in West Dorset. It is a family- run organic dairy farm. 

For more information about them and the things they do visit