Caravan Storage 

We offer caravan storage on a long term or a short term basis, whichever is more suitable for you.

Please contact us for more details or see prices below. 

If you would like to store your caravan with us, so that you may use it on the site, we also provide a caravan towing service whereby you book the dates you would like to stay and we tow the caravan from the storage compound and site it (where possible) on the pitch of your choice and put the legs down and put on any wheel clamps or hitchlocks, so that it is ready for your arrival. 
To take your caravan out of the store, please give us a minimum of 5 days notice if possible we will move caravans at shorter notice if possible.
Sorry we do not offer storage for motorhomes or boats.

Please note caravans and their contents are left entirely at the owners own risk.

Please contact us for full terms and conditions.

Caravan Storage Prices

these prices include a discount for paying in advance 

For all other storage requirements 

please give us a call for pricing 

Caravan Moving  

If you keep your caravan in the store and would like to use it on our site, we can put it on a pitch for you so that it is ready for your arrival. 
Please note caravans are moved to & from store at our convenience

£13.50 each way

Caravan Storage, how it works.

We will need. A spare set of keys to your hitch locks, wheel clamps & if applicable any tools necessary for unlocking and instrucuions  for alarms etc.

Collection & dropping off your caravan

1. When you arrive put your caravan in the drop off area, un-hitch & put on any security devises, we will then put the caravan into the storage compound the same day if possible or next day if not.

2. When you would like to collect your caravan for use either here or if you are taking it away, please try & give us 5 days notice, (we will try & move your caravan at shorter notice if possible), we will then put the caravan in the drop off area ready for collection on the day of your arrival, you will need to bring your own set of keys to clamps, hitch locks etc.

3. If you would like to use the caravan here and would like us to tow it to the pitch for you and put on the clamps etc and wind the legs down we charge the caravan moving fee, if you would then like us to tow it back to the store after your stay the caravan moving fee applies to put it back again, we are happy to do one way or both (or neither).

Terms of storage

  1. There is no access to the caravan whilst it is in the storage area.

  2. Please give us at least 5 days notice when you would like to remove your caravan from the store. (We will do short notice if we can).

  3. The price covers up to 15 times in and out of the store per year (this means we pull the caravan out of storage and put it in the collection area, if you would like us to tow it to the pitch for you, see pricing on point 3 above). 

  4. If you would like to holiday here during the school holidays, you will need to book well in advance. Whilst we allow a pitch for storage customers, we cannot guarantee to have a pitch available for you.

  5. We can now bring caravans in and out of store all year, except during adverse weather ie. ice/snow. There will be no caravan movements on 25th/26th December.

  6. The caravan & its contents are left entirely at your own risk; we accept no responsibility for damage, theft or loss of caravan or belongings. We strongly recommend that you do not leave valuable items including electrical items in your caravan whilst in the store.

  7. Repairs or maintenance cannot be carried out whilst on the site or in the store with the exception of a service or caravan wash which can be done on a pitch during quiet times (pitches fees apply). We recommend Paul Bridle caravan servicing engineer.

  8. The caravan must be kept clean and must be in full road legal conditon including the electrics, brakes, hand brake, lights, jockey wheel, tyres, legs, hitch locks wheel clamps or any other security devices.

  9. We store with the legs up with hand brakes on. 

  10. No caravan covers.

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